We Join Papa John's Quest For His 1972 Z28 Camaro

Listening to pizza magnate "Papa" John Schnatter point out the differences between the 1972 Z28 Camaro he lost, and the one we're driving around Houston in, you come to realize his quest for the lost car is more than a gimmick. » 5/29/09 4:00pm 5/29/09 4:00pm

Jason Castriota: Stile Bertone Mantide, Pininfarina P4/5 Designer

While in Shanghai, we sat down and interviewed the designer of the Pininfarina P4/5 and controversial, ZR1-based, Stile Bertone Mantide. What does this Jalopnik-reading young sports car designer have to say? » 4/24/09 12:00pm 4/24/09 12:00pm

Jalopnik Interviews GM Vice-Chairman "Maximum" Bob Lutz ... No,…

One of us spent the past two days on the 'merican West Coast, in a little hamlet by the Pacific Ocean the locals call Los Angeles. There, we snuck into an exclusive "lifestyle" blogger sit-down held by the General of Motors. While normally not our cup of tea, the affair was a must-attend; we'd get to break bread and… » 9/19/07 11:00am 9/19/07 11:00am