Jalopnik Interview: Ron Defore, Spokesman For The SUVOA

Robert Farago talks with Ron Defore, communications director for the SUV Owners of America (SUVOA) about a lawsuit against the federal government by 10 state Attorneys General trying to increase CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) light truck standards. Have a listen here, and then head on over to Mr. Farago's… » 5/04/06 3:38pm 5/04/06 3:38pm

Jalopnik Interview: Ron Stabb of Flatratetech.com

Robert Farago talks with Ron Stabb of Flatratetech.com about the effect of one automaker's time-saving (i.e., cost-cutting) measures on some service techs' jobs. Is it just about cutting down on bathroom breaks and accounting for time-saving technologies, or is the company asking too much from those on its front line? » 3/30/06 8:09am 3/30/06 8:09am

Jalopnik Interview: Paul Allen of Fordgtprices.com

In this installment of the Jalopnik Interview, Farago talks with Paul Allen (not that one) of Fordgtprices.com, who's been tracking the selling prices of Ford GTs since the halo coupe was introduced last year. Since then, the company has sold 45% of its total production run, dealer premiums have eased and hundreds of… » 3/14/06 2:58pm 3/14/06 2:58pm

Jalopnik Interview: Roger Garbow of Farnbacher Loles Motorsports

Last month, when Farnbacher Loles Motorsports of Connecticut announced it was creating a track-ready tuner Porsche Cayman S, sporting a 3.8-liter Carrera engine, we just about lost our minds with anticipation. The duty of finding out more about the Porsche GTR, as it'll be called, fell to our resident Porscheophile,… » 3/13/06 1:59pm 3/13/06 1:59pm

Jalopnik Interview: Richard Earl on Harley Earl

Our secret Barrett-Jackson correspondent caught up with Richard Earl, grandson of famed GM designer Harley Earl at the auction in Scottsdale this past weekend, where he was monitoring the bidding on two vehicles that bear his grandfather's penmanship. With the elder Earl's design legacy featuring prominently among… » 1/23/06 9:00am 1/23/06 9:00am