Ten Gifts To Turn Your Kid Into A Car Freak

Parents of the world, pay attention: If you don't act soon, your child may not grow up to be a gearhead. Nip lameness in the bud! Get motor oil flowing in those veins! Buy one of these ten toys now! » 12/07/09 4:20pm 12/07/09 4:20pm

BMW M Tie: For The Overlooked Man In Your Life

Barely know anything about your father/husband/brother except that they drive a BMW with fruity stripes on the back? Then this tie could be the perfect Christmas present. » 11/10/09 11:00am 11/10/09 11:00am

Lego Pneumatic Car Engines Now For Sale!

Remember the crazy 1440-RPM V8 engine built from Lego Mindstorms parts we showed you back in May? Now you can buy your own from LPE Power's recently opened online store. » 12/11/08 9:30am 12/11/08 9:30am