What Do You Want in the Fantasy Garage?

The Bora snuck in by the skin of it's teeth yesterday. More importantly, the howls were louder and louder. "Not my fantasy." "Nice car, but there are 50 better cars out there." "LOL fugly POS." All valid criticism I guess. Sure, why not? But folks, the Bora makes 36 cars parked in the Garage. We'll toss another one… » 12/06/07 12:30pm 12/06/07 12:30pm

Commenter of the Day: Existential Crisis Edition

We're sure it will come as a shock to no one that Davey G and I routinely debate Fantasy Garage nominations deep into the early morn. Even less shocking was Mr. Johnson's reaction to the Facel Vega HK500, which I believe he called, "A motherfucker of a car." Then we got to arguing about the various merits and demerits… » 10/31/07 5:45pm 10/31/07 5:45pm

Dodge Family Feud: And the Winner is... Both!

Good news everyone! Atomic supermen with octagonal-shaped bodies, that suck blood through straws out your... It looks as if the people have spoken, and spoken correctly for a change! In case you forgot, the Fantasy voting was so close yesterday, and both Mopars are so damn desirable, we said that after 24-hours if the… » 10/18/07 3:15pm 10/18/07 3:15pm

Dodge Family Feud: Charger R/T Vs. Challenger R/T

We know; today is going to be rough. Ever since the 1970 Buick GSX 455 robbed the Judge edged out the other the other three GM big blocks for a spot in our Fantasy Garage there have been howls for 440 Six Packs, 426 Hemis and general Mopar R/T madness. Well friends, today is your feast. As always, caveat emptor, for… » 10/17/07 12:00pm 10/17/07 12:00pm