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Jalopnik Day Of Automaker Atonement: Toyota

Toyota, Toyota, Toyota. You used to be so much fun. What happened? You make reliable cars, sure. You make a buck, no doubt. But where is the joy? Remember the Supra? Remember the AE86? Remember the MR2 and MRS? These were relatively affordable and fun cars. That was your bag. Now the most exciting thing in your lineup… » 10/09/08 4:09pm 10/09/08 4:09pm

What Cars Do Automakers Need To Atone For On This Yom Kippur?

It's Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, and we here at Jalopnik take that very seriously. Where is our great editor Ray Wert? He's out atoning and, just ask Chrysler, he has a lot to atone for. In that spirit we thought it would only be fair for automakers, Goyim and chosen people alike, to apologize for a few… » 10/09/08 11:40am 10/09/08 11:40am