Jaguar Reveals UK Pricing For XF To Start At $67,973

After yesterday's official reveal of the 2009 Jaguar XF, the pretty kitty brand from Ford's released pricing in the UK for their new four-door saloon they'll be showing off in Frankfurt next month. Although there's no US pricing, we do know the XF will hit the streets in March of '09 and in the UK will start at the… » 8/28/07 8:00am 8/28/07 8:00am

2009 Jaguar XF: Why We Broke The Embargo

So here's the 2009 Jaguar XF. It represents a new design direction for Ford's up-for-sale luxe brand. Since it was shown as the CX-F concept in Detroit earlier this year, the concept crystallized into the Dodge Intrepid-like four-door XF you see here. All that need be said about it — at least at this juncture — is in… » 8/27/07 1:51pm 8/27/07 1:51pm

Jaguar XF Teaser Shot Spotted On Interwebs

Say hello to the purported headlight of the new Jaguar XF — at least according to Gyro1, a forum member over at CarSpyShots. He (or she) claims it was a camera phone shot taken from a dealership brochure. We've no idea if Gyro1's full of it, or full of pride that he snagged this first shot of — umm — the headlight of… » 8/22/07 9:00am 8/22/07 9:00am