You Better Get A Nissan If You Want iTunes Radio In Your Car

Apple's iOS 7 brought a whole new raft of features with it to iPhones, iPads, iPods, and other various things. One of those features is iTunes Radio, and if you want to use it to its full capacity, you'll need a Nissan. » 9/23/13 4:32pm 9/23/13 4:32pm

Ford First Automaker To Enable iTunes Tagging On HD Radios

The world's first implementation of iTunes tagging in a factory-installed HD Radio receiver will launch in 2010 on select Ford vehicles. Through SYNC, iTunes Tagging will allow songs heard to be captured on the HD Radio receiver for later purchase. » 12/28/09 10:30pm 12/28/09 10:30pm

Top Gear Season 10 Available In iTunes

For all the grief we give Clarkson and his two interns, we’re actually huge fans of Top Gear » 10/21/08 4:40pm 10/21/08 4:40pm. It’s the show that made our carmosexuality OK with our moms. Amongst TopGearphiles, Season 10 is held up as the all-time greatest, featuring the Motorhome Grand Prix, the Channel crossing and, yes, the Kalihari special —…