Porsche: Cayenne Hybrid Will Cruise At 70 with Engine Off

CNN is reporting that the hybrid version of the Cayenne SUV will be 25% more efficient than the current model and will hit showrooms in 2-3 years. Capable of cruising at, but not accelerating up to, 70mph on batteries alone, the Cayenne hybrid will be much faster in battery mode than current hybrids, which only manage… » 7/25/07 2:40pm 7/25/07 2:40pm

It's Official, Toyota Testing Plug-In Hybrid In Japan

What we first told you last week has now been made official by the boys and girls at the super-best number-one awesome automaker from the land of the rising sun. Toyota's saying it has developed a plug-in hybrid vehicle for public road tests in Japan and plans tests for the United States and Europe.
Masatami Takimoto,… » 7/25/07 9:20am 7/25/07 9:20am