Hamas Says It Has Captured An Israeli Spy Dolphin Off The Coast Of Gaza

Reportedly a cetacean commando working for the Israeli Defense Forces was caught by Hamas operatives as it was making suspicious movements off the coast of Gaza. When Hamas combat divers (I had no idea they had such a thing) examined the dolphin spy, they said it was strapped with a camera, a monitoring device and an… »8/19/15 7:47pm8/19/15 7:47pm

Why Are Jordanian F-16s Suckling Gas From Israeli Tankers On Way To U.S.? 

Foxtrot Alpha’s contacts in Europe have noticed some interesting movements heading west out of the Middle East. Apparently, five Israeli Air Force F-15C/Ds and five F-15Is, along with five Jordanian Air Fore F-16s, have been dragged across the Mediterranean to Lajes Field by Israeli Air Force KC-707 Tankers. The jets… »8/13/15 2:31pm8/13/15 2:31pm

Israel Gave Jordan 16 Cobra Attack Helicopters To Repel ISIS 

There has been increasing talk about how the growing Islamic State could one day put Israel in its crosshairs. It is becoming more of an issue within the Mossad, and these worries are transforming into policy. Case in point: Israel gifted 16 AH-1 Cobra helicopter gunships to Jordan in an attempt forestall ISIS’… »7/25/15 2:13pm7/25/15 2:13pm

This Is Israel's Top Secret Guided Missile Launcher Disguised As A Tank 

Israel is known for its... shall we say, “creativity” when it comes to warfare, and one of the oldest tricks in the book is hiding in plain sight. The Pereh, meaning “wild,” does just this by making itself look like a Merkava tank, but really it is a rolling guided missile arsenal ship that has been secret for over 30… »7/21/15 4:49pm7/21/15 4:49pm

Israeli Commandos Assassinated A Syrian General At His Own Party

Seven years ago, an Israeli Special Forces team near Tartus, Syria’s second largest city and a popular vacation spot, somehow managed to get near the house of a Syrian general while he was hosting a dinner party. They put bullets into his head and neck, and disappeared without a peep. Until now. »7/15/15 2:48pm7/15/15 2:48pm

The Amazing Saga Of How Israel Turned Its F-15s Into Multi-Role Bombers 

When the F-15 was created, it was created to be a pure air-to-air fighter, with the philosophy of “not a pound for air-to-ground” guiding designers. So how did Israel end up turning their F-15s into deadly long-range multi-role strike aircraft well before the F-15E Strike Eagle became a reality? Here’s how. »5/08/15 4:02pm5/08/15 4:02pm

Why Exactly Is A Saudi Arabian Airliner At Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport?

In what is an unbelievably rare, if not unprecedented occasion, a Saudi Airlines Airbus A330 landed at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport today for technical reasons. The aircraft was empty, on a return trip from Brussels and it remains unclear if the stop was actually planned or part of an in-flight emergency. »5/06/15 3:42pm5/06/15 3:42pm

Israeli AG Rules They Can't Kill Their Own Soldiers To Prevent Capture

One of the worst conundrums facing modern militaries engaged in asymmetrical warfare is what to do in the event that one of your soldiers was captured. For decades, the Israeli Defense Forces have relied on a still-classified and highly controversial method known as the "Hannibal Protocol." And now a large part of it… »1/19/15 4:36pm1/19/15 4:36pm

Hamas Warns It Will Attack Israeli Airport Within Hours

Following the deaths of his wife and child in an Israeli airstrike, Hamas leader Mohammed Deif has announced plans to attack Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, beginning on Thursday at 6:00AM local time (11:00PM EDT tonight). Reports across the web are saying rockets have already been fired at the airport, but are not… »8/20/14 2:29pm8/20/14 2:29pm

Watch An Active Protection System Destroy An RPG Fired At Israeli Tank

We have discussed Active Protection Systems many times before, but it is another thing seeing one work operationally. The video below depicts a Merkava IV tank being fired on in Gaza by an RPG, with Trophy intercepting and destroying the explosive projectile before it could plow through the tank's side armor. »7/23/14 1:16pm7/23/14 1:16pm

How Raw Data Can Explain A Big Part Of The Current Gaza Conflict

War is still raging in Gaza and Israel, and right now, it looks like it can only get worse as each attempted ceasefire begins and is promptly discarded. Scores are dying, many of them civilians. But how many are civilians? How can we find out? The answer we found is far different from the official one. »7/22/14 8:02pm7/22/14 8:02pm

Witness The Sheer Protective Power Of The Iron Dome From Way Too Close

Israel's Iron Dome system has proven effective so far, with only one casualty suffered, despite Hamas launching more than 1,000 rockets at Israeli civilian population centers. Most of what we've seen of Iron Dome has looked like little more than flashes in the sky, but up close it's incredible. »7/15/14 7:18pm7/15/14 7:18pm

Israel's Controversial 'Roof Knocking' Tactic Caught On Video

Israel has used a tactic called "roof knocking" for a while, but it became more widely known since Operation Protective Edge began last week. In an attempt to reduce civilian casualties, it involves hitting a target with a low-yield weapon as a warning, just moments before obliterating it with a much larger weapon. »7/13/14 2:31pm7/13/14 2:31pm

What This Israeli Wedding Rocket Attack Tells Us About The Conflict

In response to relentless and indiscriminate Palestinian missile attacks over the past week, Israel looks poised to launch another operation against the Gaza Strip. We'll get into the numbers in just a bit, but this video, lasting less than a minute, can explain so much about the current situation. »7/09/14 4:18pm7/09/14 4:18pm

Israeli Commandos Find A Boatload Of Rockets Under Iranian Cement

Israel is well known for their maritime raiding capabilities, a common tactic used to interdict cargo, or personnel, aboard ships that the Mossad deems as a threat to the homeland, sometimes to a controversial degree. Yet there is little controversy about the validity of the Israeli Navy's mission yesterday, one that… »3/06/14 5:16pm3/06/14 5:16pm