This Is What It Looks Like When You Hit A Curb At 160 MPH On A Bike

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the riders at the Isle of Man TT have some sort of obscene death wish. They drove ridiculously fast, on what are normally public roads, on just two wheels. I mean, just look at how little reaction time you have when you smack into a curb at 160 MPH.
» 6/11/15 2:32pm 6/11/15 2:32pm

Here's Your First Look At The Isle Of Man TT Film To See This Year

A lot of videos have been made of the Isle of Man TT. You know the ones I’m talking about. A bike goes really fast, an engine makes a lot of noise, and everyone goes “oooh, aaah.” But those are just videos. IOM TT is a film, and just from this teaser, it looks incredible. » 6/10/15 10:03am 6/10/15 10:03am