The Guy Who Designed All Those Insane German Supercars Also Built A…

Eberhard Schulz started his car designing career by building a Ford GT40 replica in 1968, powered by a 420 hp V8 from Mercedes-Benz. He called it the Isdera Erator. Mercedes rewarded his choice by hiring him as a design engineer, so he could come up with a successor to the fantastic wankel-powered supercar, the C111.… » 1/07/13 5:40pm 1/07/13 5:40pm

Rare Isdera Prototype for Sale on eBay; Ya Think?

Caveat emptor!! Excuse us for being skeptics, but couldn't the seller of a $5 million exotic German prototype supercar bother to include pictures that aren't from some magazine (and are of the car that's supposedly up for auction)? Just asking. Apparently the seller says he has an Isdera prototype from 1999, strangely… » 9/07/05 12:33pm 9/07/05 12:33pm