Lexus IS Mystery Solved: It Was An Endurance Racer In Germany With The…

Remember that mystery Lexus IS circling the ring last week? Due to the camo, guesses as to what it could be ranged from a new hybrid to a mid-cycle refresh. Turns out that the most obvious answer was right: it's a race car. Those questionable hood bumps were merely an illusion created by the camouflage. This is the… » 5/12/08 11:00am 5/12/08 11:00am

"Chrome" Lexus IS 250 Unveiled at Sydney Show

Lexus's Austrailian aftermarket team went arse over tit for 50 Cent's chrome Lamborghini, to paraphrase today's press release. So much so that the accessory squad worked up a chrome-like IS250 for the Oz market. It's layered in Alsa Corp.'s MirraChrome paint, a reflective formulation that contains microscopic bits of… » 10/25/06 1:22pm 10/25/06 1:22pm