Iron Man Crushes Cobra, We Cry

Poor little Cobra. From what we can tell from this one screen shot found on the official Iron Man web site, the 427 we saw in the teaser shot of the Iron Man Super Bowl commercial — and then in the full commercial itself — doesn't quite make it out of the film in one piece. Ok, so it's probably obviously just a replica … » 2/04/08 12:00pm 2/04/08 12:00pm

Iron Man Super Bowl Commercial No Longer Just A Tease

Here's the full Iron Man Super Bowl commercial we showed the teaser shot from on Friday in all of it's auto-loving glory. See the Audi R8...just sitting there. See the Saleen S7...just sitting there. See the Cobra...just sitting there. See...umm...the Tesla Roadster...yeah, you get the picture. Well, whatever works for … » 2/03/08 8:57pm 2/03/08 8:57pm