Iraqi Driving School: Telling Bad Drivers From Terrorists

AutoWeek explains the US policy of treating bad drivers in Iraq as potential terrorists, and ramming their cars for such offenses as stopping in an intersection and making a U-turn. Of course, telling sunday drivers from sunni insurgents isn't easy, making a zero-tolerance policy the most expedient course of action.… » 10/25/05 6:15pm 10/25/05 6:15pm

Soldier in Iraq Buys Saadam's "Flamethrower" Mercedes

While serving in Baghdad, First Sergeant William von Zehle did a little car shopping. Like any enthusiast overseas he was mostly interested in cars that never appeared stateside. One model he found, just happened to be an armored, 1988 Mercedes 560 (similar to the one pictured). A quick investigative mission revealed… » 8/03/05 1:24pm 8/03/05 1:24pm