Your Local Cops Are Probably Out Buying Ex-Iraq Death Trucks Right Now

This is an MRAP, a mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle. It didn't exist until well into the Iraq War, when we went to war with the Army we had, and that Army's Humvees didn't survive very well. We bought a lot of MRAPs. The Iraq War is over. Now, how many of these MRAPs can we put your police down for? » 11/25/13 3:20pm 11/25/13 3:20pm

U.S. Soldiers Film Themselves Pranking Iraqi by Planting a Grenade In…

A reality TV show that pranks celebrities by planting fake bombs in their cars is causing a stir in Iraq. But a couple months ago, U.S. soldiers filmed themselves planting a live grenade in an Iraqi's trunk as a 'prank.' » 9/04/10 5:20pm 9/04/10 5:20pm

Iraqi Taxi Crushed By Tank, Will Never Park In A Handicap Spot Again

Though we're not sure why this M1 Abrams tank had to crush this lowly Iraqi cab twice, we do know that it's a lot of fun to watch (and we suspect that may have had something to do with it). And before anyone gets upset about us losing the hearts and minds of Iraqi cab drivers, we'd point out that the little cab appears … » 8/06/08 11:15am 8/06/08 11:15am

Seriously Cool Stash Of Saddam-Era Cars Found In Baghdad Underground…

After Uday's Lamborghini got blown up, you might think that all the interesting cars were gone from Baghdad by now, with just Ford Probes remaining to hold the gearhead banner over the ancient city. Not so! Turbo Driver (aka The Wolf) has some sort of secret-type gig in Iraq and snapped these shots of an… » 7/18/08 5:45pm 7/18/08 5:45pm

Uday Is Gone, But Baghdad Car Freaks Still Have It Rough

Saddam Hussein's son Uday used to confiscate any cool car that caught his eye on the streets of Baghdad, so in those days it was best to drive the Kadett and leave the BMW stashed away. Those days are gone, but new dangers lurk for the brave Iraqi who wants to customize his ride. The LA Times has a story on three young … » 7/04/08 3:00pm 7/04/08 3:00pm

Any Car You Can Stuff Bombs Into: Crazie Bob's Iraqi Car Lot

Let's suppose you're a grunt manning a checkpoint in Iraq, where you and your buddies are fully equipped with video camera and low-end video-editing software. Let's further suppose you've stopped a tractor-trailer loaded with scrap cars. You'd definitely win the Hoon of the Century award if you commandeered the…

» 4/27/07 6:00pm 4/27/07 6:00pm