This Season's Closest NASCAR Championship Was Decided Online

Ray Alfalla led Tyler Hudson by two points going into the season ending race at Homestead Miami. In a season without a chase-style playoff system, two competitors can't be much more evenly matched. But when the race was over, the drivers got bubbly from their kitchen instead of victory lane, because neither of them… » 10/28/13 10:24am 10/28/13 10:24am

How The Right Video Game Makes You A Faster Driver

It's three in the morning and you are still glued to your TV screen with your steering wheel on your lap and headphones firmly attached to your ears. Most likely there is a lukewarm beer to your left that you have neglected in your ambition to beat that Finnish sim-racing maestro named Markku. » 7/17/12 2:20pm 7/17/12 2:20pm

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Racer Muscles Onto iRacing Roster

Racing-game mavens who hanker for a bit of upscale American style now have one fewer reason to leave the basement: Cadillac's big-assed badass CTS-V Coupe race car will soon be available for the immersive iRacing MMO racing simulator. » 2/09/12 2:00pm 2/09/12 2:00pm