Pioneer AVIC-F Series Media, Navigation Systems Features Advanced Voice Recognition

Pioneer has announced a few new additions to its line of car navigation systems. The AVIC-F700BT, AVIC-F900BT and AVIC-F90BT come with features like iPod connectivity, Bluetooth, MSN Direct, HD Radio, XM, Sirius, CD, DVD, USB, SD and more. Although, the real specialness comes from their voice recognition abilities. »4/21/08 1:40pm4/21/08 1:40pm

Detroit Auto Show: Hummer HX Records Off-Roading Adventures Directly to iPod

Despite its relationship to the Halo Warthog, the Hummer HX made a pretty big splash at the Detroit Auto Show. One of its coolest features is the front-facing camera that's integrated into the rear-view mirror. Throw in a docking slot to record your off-roading adventures directly to an iPod and you've got something… »1/22/08 1:30pm1/22/08 1:30pm

Best Buy Announces RDS/iPod-Based In-Car Stereo Patent

Though not as common in the Colonies, certain markets utilize a Radio Database System to send song info over the FM band. A new patent by Best Buy utilizes this technology and links it, cleverly, with a "memory storage device," and by that they mean an iPod. This technology comes in handy when you're listening to a… »3/15/07 7:30pm3/15/07 7:30pm

Jalopnik Exclusive: We Test GM's Patience And Personal Audio Link System For The iPod

The ability to run your iPod in your car through your head unit (either via the radio faceplate or the steering wheel) is kind of like the Holy Grail to auto-loving audiophiles with a hankering for digital audio. I already drive, eat, drink and e-mail all at the same time, so throwing the iPod into the mix doesn't… »1/11/07 2:32pm1/11/07 2:32pm

Microsoft And Ford Get N'Sync At The Detroit Auto Show And CES, We Get First Exclusive Hands-On: Part 1

As you can see from the video above (apologies on the size — we never know how big these things can get) we had the opportunity last week to head down to the super-secret FoMoCo testing and development lab to get an exclusive hands-on with Ford's new infotainment hotness, Sync. The system, created through a joint… »1/07/07 1:08pm1/07/07 1:08pm