Iowahawk's Hot Rod Glossary

The language rodders speak can be downright confusing at times. Chopping, channeling, frenching, Z-ing, sectioning, etc. But now, thanks to Iowahawk, the non-rod literate have a handy-dandy guide to phrases bandied about at your average NSRA event. Yes, now you too can hang with old dudes who can't get enough doo-wop… » 7/17/07 9:30pm 7/17/07 9:30pm

Justice About to be Served: Iowahawk's Coupe Has Paint!

A lot, apparently, can happen in a year and a half or so. We wouldn't know. We're too busy being tied to this fucking ankle-bracelet of a computer do do anything like build a ridiculously-awesome hot rod. But we noticed today that a certain Jalopnik commenter who pops up now and then; the man who turned us on to the… » 1/30/07 2:45am 1/30/07 2:45am

Hot Rods and Jet Planes: Ride with the 'Hawk

Jalopnik digi-buddy Iowahawk knows he some of the garage rawk. As well, he sure is acquainted with some bone roddage. That for sure. Therefore, before the clock strikes later, drape yon horseblanket around ye and ride with the 'Hawk on some adventures. You'll be thanked. » 10/05/06 10:05am 10/05/06 10:05am

Mister Jalopy Takes it to the Banks'

While we love us some Coop and some Iowahawk, there are few men on the planet who write about the sheer, shameful/shameless geekery of being an abject car nut than Mister Jalopy. So while we did run a bit about Coop and the mighty 'Hawk's visits to Gale Banks' Gearhead Invitational, we just ran across Mister Jalopy's… » 8/09/06 4:31am 8/09/06 4:31am

Turbo Tankcar Goodness

Because a Continental V-12 out of a Patton tank just isn't enough power for Jay Leno, he sent the car formerly known as the Blastolene Special off to Gale Banks for some honking turboage. As we mentioned previously, the freshly uprated monster roadster will be unveiled at the Woodward Dream Cruise later this month.… » 8/02/06 3:00pm 8/02/06 3:00pm

We'd Almost Trade The End of Last Week for This

How do you top blasting across the Southwest in a luxo car with a couple of women, scoping all manner of madcap machinery, making new friends and ogling hotties while staying in luxo-type rooms? Well, you really don't. But if we were gonna trade the Bullrun for two days out of somebody else's life, we could do far » 8/01/06 9:30pm 8/01/06 9:30pm

Iowahawk's Swap Meet Tips

Jalopy/Jockey Journal honcho Ryan Cochrane tapped the mighty Iowahawk to write a bit for the Jalopy Journal on surving a day at the swap meet. And well, let's face it — it's damn funny. He even busts out with a Locomobile ref, which, we believe, along with Horch and Hupmobile, is one of the three most-underreferenced… » 7/18/06 2:11am 7/18/06 2:11am

We Again Wish We Were Iowahawk

Damn you, Iowahawk! First you go and build The Coupe of Justice, which not only received the Jalopnik stamp of approval, but was blessed by His Satanic Majesty Coop. Then you go out and find a Turbonique rocket-powered blower, which practically caused us to have shat our shorts. And now you go score a five-window… » 6/22/06 4:15pm 6/22/06 4:15pm

Garage Tourin' With Iowahawk

While we sometimes disagree with the 'Hawk politically (although we're nearly always at the very least amused by his rants), we simply cannot argue with the man's aesthetic sense, nor can we front on his sixth sense that seems to attract strange and wonderful pieces of speed equipment. We'll leave it to him to… » 5/31/06 12:57am 5/31/06 12:57am

He Felt Like a Gringo: Iowahawk on Lowriders

Just yesterday, we were chatting to our pal Alex about the glory of bombas: late '30s taildragging Chevrolets customized by Mexicans, primarily in Southern California. The flathead on one side of town, the Stovebolt on the other; both the sound of a new world being born. Thee Iowahawk gives the story of the lowrider… » 5/10/06 6:00pm 5/10/06 6:00pm

Now You're Playing With Power: Turbonique Madness

Friday, we posted on a company that to culture at large, has been locked in a dusty hallway of speed-equipment history. Thankfully, Iowahawk's on the case and promises even more Turbonique goodness, including the story of the corporation's demise and a chrome-plated, rocket-powered blower to be mounted on a… » 4/17/06 2:33pm 4/17/06 2:33pm