Justice About to be Served: Iowahawk's Coupe Has Paint!

A lot, apparently, can happen in a year and a half or so. We wouldn't know. We're too busy being tied to this fucking ankle-bracelet of a computer do do anything like build a ridiculously-awesome hot rod. But we noticed today that a certain Jalopnik commenter who pops up now and then; the man who turned us on to the… » 1/30/07 2:45am 1/30/07 2:45am

We'd Almost Trade The End of Last Week for This

How do you top blasting across the Southwest in a luxo car with a couple of women, scoping all manner of madcap machinery, making new friends and ogling hotties while staying in luxo-type rooms? Well, you really don't. But if we were gonna trade the Bullrun for two days out of somebody else's life, we could do far » 8/01/06 9:30pm 8/01/06 9:30pm

Now You're Playing With Power: Turbonique Madness

Friday, we posted on a company that to culture at large, has been locked in a dusty hallway of speed-equipment history. Thankfully, Iowahawk's on the case and promises even more Turbonique goodness, including the story of the corporation's demise and a chrome-plated, rocket-powered blower to be mounted on a… » 4/17/06 2:33pm 4/17/06 2:33pm