These Graphics Show The USAF's Recon, Spec Ops, Rescue And Tanker Inventory

The folks over at Contemporary Issues and Geography have done an amazing job at creating highly detailed inventory charts of different air arms, and they are currently knee-deep detailing the USAF’s entire force structure. They have already released the Air Force’s fighter inventory graphic, and now they have released… »8/15/15 3:01pm8/15/15 3:01pm


Here's Your Go-To Graphic To Understand The Air Force Fighter Inventory

If you want to quantify the fleet size and squadron structure of every type of U.S. Air Force fighter aircraft in service — and why wouldn’t you! — this graphic is your awesome go-to guide. It also gives you a great visual idea of really how big our fighter force is, or how small, depending on how you look at it… »8/03/15 12:28pm8/03/15 12:28pm

Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda Seeks Slim-Fast To Shed The Weight Of Excess Inventory

I almost feel a sense of deja vu, or some other type of crap where you think you've been somewhere or done something before. Back in August Today, while Tom LaSorda was carrying a big bucket of water getting ready for the Chrysler Group's media party he provided some remarks at the United Way event on the Firehouse… »12/14/06 3:46pm12/14/06 3:46pm

Breaking! GM Issues "Stop Sale" To Dealers On Saturn Outlook And GMC Acadia

Dealers received an immediate stop-action communique over the weekend from the home office at the RenCen of the General's decision to immediately halt sales of the two models in its threesome of Lambda-platform CUV's already on the market, the GMC Acadia and the Saturn Outlook. The communique, which appears to have… »12/11/06 10:01am12/11/06 10:01am