Detroit Has Spent Over $65,000 Leasing A 2004 Dodge Intrepid

The whole point of leasing a car is so that you can get rid of it before it becomes a headache, right? Not so for the Detroit Police Department, which is paying millions in full lease payments on cars with leases that expired up to six years ago. » 5/07/12 2:30pm 5/07/12 2:30pm

The Redneck's Mudder Masterpiece

Like a mechanical Mozart, this craftsman arranged his instruments — a Dodge Intrepid body, Chevy V8, several axles and tires — into a mudder symphony. Now on Craigslist; Mozart did say the great art was knowing when to stop. [MotownMuscle] » 1/25/11 3:20pm 1/25/11 3:20pm

Dodge Intrepid Loses Control, Finds Jesus

For one young Napa woman, being intoxicated while driving wasn't putting her on the path to hell fast enough. Lucky for her, she was able to run through an intersection and send her Dodge Intrepid airborne, through the wall of the Foothill Christian Church, and onto the stage. Though she might have spared some… » 11/02/07 11:00am 11/02/07 11:00am

Apparent Spike in Chrysler LH Platform Vehicle Resale Values

POW! He was decapitated. They found his head over by the snowcone concession. A few days after that, I open up the mail and there's a pamphlet in there, from Pueblo, Colorado. And it's addressed to Bill Jr. » 2/27/07 10:45pm 2/27/07 10:45pm
Apparently, other things are afoot in Pueblo, as well. To wit, Nicole Uribe, Irene Lerma and her husband…