New Nissan Intima Teased Before Beijing Motor Show

We already saw the concept version of the new Nissan Intima at the Tokyo Motor Show last year with rumors of an official unveil at the Beijing Motor Show later this month. It now looks as though those rumors are true as Nissan's now teasing us with a picture of the production version of the automaker's new Chinese… » 4/03/08 8:00am 4/03/08 8:00am

Tokyo Motor Show: Nissan Intima Concept

We're about to be in the midst of the neo-classical phase of automobile design, led by Japanese automakers like Mazda, Toyota and, with its new Intima concept, Nissan. That means we'll be seeing a surge of panel surfaces that appear to have been carved by wind over centuries, rather than by short-sleeved guys in… » 10/26/07 6:33am 10/26/07 6:33am