The Incredible Calculations That Keep Google's Project Loon Aloft

When we last checked in on Project Loon—Google’s moonshot project to blanket the world with internet-packing weather balloons—one had just circumnavigated the globe in a very quick 22 days. I just attended a talk at Google I/O and got some more info about the challenges the team faces in making this wild-ass project… »5/30/15 11:05am5/30/15 11:05am

A List Of More Appropriate Names For Race Track Wifi Connections

With the exception of the New Jersey Motorsports Parks and the Circuits of the Americas of the world, most race tracks were designed before the Internet was a thing. This is a huge problem when you’re trying to report anything from said race track, or send cool pictures of your car back to Mom.
»5/16/15 12:11pm5/16/15 12:11pm

Racist Troll Doesn’t Understand Racism, And Other Trolling Stories

When I asked for your worst (but really best) stories about trolls, I didn’t expect so many stories from trolls. But here we have it: 23 hand-picked stories from your amusing trolling and being-trolled experiences. Suffice it to say that I’ve decided to unplug from the Internet now. »4/21/15 2:22pm4/21/15 2:22pm

How The Internet Got A Detroiter Who Walks 21 Miles To Work A Free Car

James Robertson walks 21 miles every single day to commute to work. He hasn't had a car since his broke down... 10 years ago. His story became public this week and was met with an outpouring of support from around the country. Now, James is set to get more than $300,000 from a GoFundMe campaign. He's also getting a… »2/05/15 3:56pm2/05/15 3:56pm

9 of the Weirdest Wikipedia Pages We've Ever Seen

With the right state of mind, enough time on your hands, and a can-do attitude/darkened worldview, your casual Wikipedia browsing can quickly devolve into hours spent amongst the site's weird, bizarre, and morbidly fascinating black holes. Making it virtually impossible to uncover all of the site's many dark and… »1/09/15 12:42pm1/09/15 12:42pm

The Sad, Weird World of Unseen YouTube Videos

Embarrassing open mic nights, topical parodies, gaming tutorials—these are the YouTube videos we know. The ones we replay and the ones we send to our friends, coworkers, families, and everyone we know. But YouTube has another layer. One where view counts sit at zero and bizarre bits of film rot away in indifference.… »10/20/14 3:47pm10/20/14 3:47pm

Airlines Want WiFi So Bad They're Willing To Tear Entire Planes Apart

Today we learned that airlines view WiFi as integral to the whole "flight" experience as the very wings on the airplane itself, but it's one thing to hear about it from an industry perspective, and another to see that sort of manic desire for Internet in action. So watch United Airlines take this whole plane apart for… »9/23/14 10:04pm9/23/14 10:04pm