Ask Ford's Top Automotive Interior Designer Anything You Want

Amko Leenarts has been the head of interior design at Ford Motor Co. since 2012. He's the one guiding the look of Ford's car interiors worldwide. And he's here in Gizmodo's comment section to answer your questions about car design, dashboard tech, and the future of the automobile. Come ask away. » 7/30/14 1:08pm 7/30/14 1:08pm

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When luxury cars become beautiful pieces of furniture

Cars, motorcycles and airplanes aren't just a means of getting from A to B — they're also beautiful design classics that express your personality. So it's not surprising that people are turning some of the world's most beautiful vehicles into part of their home decor. See for yourself! » 4/11/13 6:50pm 4/11/13 6:50pm

Apple Should Design An Electric Car... Interior

Only 21% responding to a recent survey claim they would buy an Apple electric car. 48% would buy one from BMW. Good. Apple shouldn't design an electric car. They should design the interior of one. » 1/28/09 4:30pm 1/28/09 4:30pm