The New Alfa Romeo Giulia's Interior Is A Carbon Fiber Wonderland

If I could pick out one material to adorn as many surfaces as possible, it would probably be carbon fiber. Carbon fiber trim. Carbon fiber knobs. Carbon fiber seat backs. Carbon fiber toilets. Carbon fiber everything. Lucky for us, Alfa Romeo’s gorgeous new Giulia sports sedan has carbon fiber everywhere inside. »7/18/15 4:50pm7/18/15 4:50pm


Nissan's Engineers Are Creepily Trying To Replicate Human Skin

With cars getting generally better and better all the time, the things that automakers seek to improve become more and more subtle. Like how everything feels. Up until fairly recently, the only concern about how interior materials interacted with your hands was basically just making sure they didn't lacerate you too »10/22/12 2:00pm10/22/12 2:00pm

Chevy Volt Interior Photo Lifted From Internal GM Presentation, Looks Like an iPod

These shots of a production Chevy Volt »8/28/08 4:15pm8/28/08 4:15pm interior have leaked from a GM internal presentation. Immediately apparent is the glossy white iPod-esque IP with flip-up nav/charge status display. There's also a prominent center-mounted computer-like on/off button, but we don't know if this will start the car or just the…

Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Avenger To "Fight Back" With Better Trim, Smaller Engines

Chrysler's latest survival scheme? Fancy toys in budget models. It used to be, that if you wanted heated seats and other fancy interior amenities in your Chrysler Sebring or Dodge Avenger, you had to plop down more cash for the 3.5-liter V6-equipped models. Now, as the company struggles to stay afloat amid high gas… »7/18/08 1:11pm7/18/08 1:11pm

2010 Acura NSX Interior Shows Off Paddle Shifters And Un-Zubaz-Like Camouflage

If the 2010 Acura NSX's Nürburgring lap didn't hit the right spot, take a look at this new shot showing off the interior for the first time. We're a little disappointed that the stylish Zubaz-esque exterior camo isn't reflected on the inside of the cockpit, but then again, who cares, those gauges look so purdy we… »6/20/08 1:00pm6/20/08 1:00pm

Big Gulp Capacity More Important Than Fuel Economy, Says Forbes

While we are reporting daily »2/15/08 1:30pm2/15/08 1:30pm on alternative energy and , it seems we should really be writing about cup holders, because that is what you, the public, truly care about in a vehicle. Sure, fuel economy has risen exponentially from four years ago, but CNW Marketing Research says that concern about gas consumption…

A Car of the Future by a Tape Company? 3M Says Yes

The 3M company of tape and packing supplies fame has teamed up with automotive supplier Visteon to show off this futuristic car interior at the Consumer Electronics Show. The two have reportedly dumped upwards of 50 so-called "innovative technologies" into this interior. Wow, 50 is a mighty big number, though some are… »1/08/08 11:00am1/08/08 11:00am

Gauging the Future: GM Dash Designs Sans Smelly Plastic

It'll take GM more than a few rounds of Buick Entourage or '08 Saturn VUE to purge memory banks of the landfill-grade interior plastic that surrounded the cabin of a 1980 Citation. The company's best hope is to improve matters quickly, so younger buyers will forget more-recent interior debacles before the decade's… »8/31/07 10:14am8/31/07 10:14am

Captain Lutz's Violin: Cadillac Gets New Interior, Exotic Wood

GM wants you to know that despite decades of treating car interiors like the waiting room at Sears Auto Center, its cars' insides have become very, very important. That's why today that company's pounding the media drums regarding the interior of the 2007 Cadillac SRX crossover — how it's been completely redesigned,… »7/13/06 3:30pm7/13/06 3:30pm