Tapping Into Your Bike's Brains To Make You A Two-Wheeled Tony Stark

We've seen a spate of "smart" helmets that incorporate tiny screens to show everything from navigation to rearview camera feeds, but none of them pull data from the motorcycle's onboard computer. A couple of Intel engineers decided to change that with a new chipset and a smartphone app that answers to "Hello Jarvis." »3/03/15 5:20pm3/03/15 5:20pm


Ex-Intel Chief Andy Grove Using Electric Cars To Achieve Relevance

Andy Grove, retired CEO of chipmaker Intel, apparently has grown bored of sailing the South Pacific and decided to insert himself into the debate over the future of transportation. A proponent of electric vehicles, Grove wrote, "The beauty of electric power is its ability to be produced through multiple sources...and… »7/02/08 9:20am7/02/08 9:20am

BMW Inside?: Intel, BMW Announce Technology, Marketing Partnership

BMW and Intel have announced a comprehensive, multiyear partnership that involves technology, marketing and F1 sponsorship components. As part of the deal, Intel will sponsor the new BMW Sauber F1 team, likely to be indicated by lots of shiny, new Intel logos slapped on the team's cars. While most of the technology… »12/15/05 8:21am12/15/05 8:21am