Watch A Dashcam Foil An Insurance Scam

Citizens of the post-Soviet East are crazy about dashcams because it helps them stay safe on dangerous, insurance fraud-filled roads. One Californian found his dashcam similarly useful. » 6/16/14 4:40pm 6/16/14 4:40pm

Man "intentionally" drove $2.2 million Bugatti Veyron into lake

A Texas court may soon decide if the man who drove his Bugatti Veyron into a lake was committing fraud after his insurance company claimed he crashed the car on purpose to collect $2.2 million in insurance money. Wait, it wasn't a low-flying pelican? You don't say. » 11/29/11 4:30pm 11/29/11 4:30pm

Nissan GT-R Owner Charged With Insurance Fraud After Crash Vid Hits…

Remember when a Nissan GT-R crashed trying to keep up with a Mitsubishi Evo? Turns out the driver in that video tried to scam his insurance company for repairs and now him and his sister have been arrested. » 3/15/10 12:00pm 3/15/10 12:00pm

Accident Stager Cost Insurance Companies $2.7 Million

Mohammed Patel helped nearly 100 people stage accidents for the insurance money at about $800 a pop. Fortunately, office workers near the roundabout noticed the peculiar number of identical accidents occurring at one roundabout and he was arrested. » 10/21/09 10:30am 10/21/09 10:30am

Homeland Security, Police Officer Busted In Car Fraud Sting

More than 60 people found the offer of a chop-shop that would let them report their car stolen too good to refuse, including an employee of the Dept. of Homeland Security, an NYPD officer and a director of a city hospital. Unfortunately for them, the shop was run by the city police as part of "Operation Disappearing… » 1/18/08 12:45pm 1/18/08 12:45pm