TSA Is Instagramming the Crazy Stuff It Confiscates at Checkpoints

What is Instagram for if not bragging oh so subtly about the stuff you're doing. It's true for rich kids on fancy vacations, and apparently, it's true for the Transportation Safety Administration, which has been posting images of the absurd stuff passengers are trying to carry on planes every day. » 7/02/13 6:36pm 7/02/13 6:36pm

'Beautiful Architecture' Instgrammers Call Detroiters 'Ghetto, Hideous'

With more than 342,000 followers on Instagram, blight photographer "tonydetroit" is the de facto Detroit ruin porn king of the photo-sharing site. And so long as you stroke his ego with breathless compliments, he'll keep delivering the goods. » 6/17/13 4:32pm 6/17/13 4:32pm