Looks Like Mercedes' Inline-Six Revival Will Come With Lots Of Turbos

Engine geeks everywhere mourn the decline of the inline-six engine and its inherent smoothness and sweet sound. Once a remarkably common setup, it’s been largely replaced by the more packaging-friendly V6. But now it seems that those rumors about a Mercedes-Benz inline-six revival appear to be true. »3/23/15 9:56am3/23/15 9:56am


Mercedes Might Bring Back Their Glorious Inline 6 Engines

These days, everyone seems to act like the inline six-cylinder engine is the sole purview of BMW. But tons of other car companies used to make straight sixes only to abandon them for the more packageable‎ V6, including Mercedes-Benz. According to one new report, that might change soon. More AMG straight sixes, please! »11/11/13 1:40pm11/11/13 1:40pm