Valtteri Bottas Will Not Race At Australian GP Due To Soft Tissue Damage

Tissue damage has sidelined Williams Formula One driver Valtteri Bottas for the Australian Grand Prix. The FIA just announced that Bottas has been declared unfit to race today. » 3/15/15 1:00am 3/15/15 1:00am

Firefighters Electrocuted Helping Marching Band's Ice Bucket Challenge

Two Kentucky firefighters were seriously injured yesterday trying to help the Campbellsville University marching band pull off a big Ice Bucket Challenge stunt, when the aerial ladder they were running was electrified by power lines. » 8/22/14 12:39pm 8/22/14 12:39pm

This sucks.

I got so tired of explaining "no, it wasn't in the racecar," "I didn't punch a shark in the face," and "I was just running boring errands at lunch" that I added a disclaimer. » 9/02/13 10:06am 9/02/13 10:06am