​The Yamaha Infrared Is A Cafe Racer'd V-Max Freak

The V-Max has officially entered middle-age, and like some 30 year olds, it's looking to glom onto whatever's trendy to stay relevant. Hence the Infrared, the latest installment of Yamaha's "yard built" bike series. But it's actually pretty damn slick. » 2/13/15 9:52am 2/13/15 9:52am

Radar Replacement? Tech Company Develops Laser-Based Safety System

It was a big step when companies like Acura and Mercedes Benz introduced radar-guided safety systems in their cars. Visions of Jetsons-age snoozing in the driver's seat sent early adopters to the dealerships in droves. Now, Automotive News reports, a German company says it's created a system that's more effective and… » 6/25/07 11:20am 6/25/07 11:20am

BMW 7-Series to get Infrared-Detection System

Beginning later this year, BMW will offer a thermal imaging system on its 7 Series that will allow drivers to see living beings (and hot-dog trucks open for business) on an LCD screen, long before they come into view unassisted. Known as BMW Night Vision, the system works in the same way some military-issue… » 7/18/05 5:02pm 7/18/05 5:02pm