2015 Jeep Renegade Gearing Up For World Conquest With Three Plants?

When the 2015 Jeep Renegade was first announced, we were hearing sales-target rumors of about 150,000 per year as a Jeep, and 130,000 as the Fiat 500X. But new information has come to light suggesting Jeep's planning to sell way, way more. » 4/15/14 3:45pm Tuesday 3:45pm

Why GM Still 'Wouldn't Trade Places With Ram' On Truck Sales

Ram broke a precedent last month, outselling the Chevy Silverado for the first time since 1999. But the same GM spokesman who called out Ram for "buying market share" with killer deals dropped us a line to let us know why he isn't worried about Chrysler's recent victory. » 4/04/14 8:03pm 4/04/14 8:03pm

Ford V6 Trucks Outselling V8s Means Big Changes For Production

Retail registrations for half-ton pickups with V6 engines has grown more than 600% in the last three years. So far this year, more than 57% of Ford's truck sales have been six-bangers. It's enough to make them drop $500M into in their Ohio facility to churn 'em out even faster. » 3/28/14 5:28pm 3/28/14 5:28pm

How The 2014 Chevy Silverado Is The Cheapest New Truck To Own

It's a bold claim, to be sure. But established automotive analysis outfits concur that the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado will have the lowest "ownership cost" of any new truck you can buy in America, almost any way you crunch the numbers. » 3/27/14 1:16pm 3/27/14 1:16pm

Domestic Truck Sales Roundup: It's Good To Be Ford

With the introduction of GM's redesigned full-sized pickups and the last year before the 2015 Ford F-150 drops, 2013 was significant for truck sales. Here's a look at how the Big Three did in December and 2013. » 1/03/14 4:21pm 1/03/14 4:21pm

Why Paris In 2012 Is A Lot Like Detroit In 2009

Who doesn't love the Paris Motor Show? You wake up and see the Eiffel Tower through your window. You jump on the Metro outside your hotel in the 7th Arrondisement and arrive at the show's front door. If you're lucky, you can dine on lunch from a Michelin 3-star restaurant right on the show floor. » 9/26/12 10:30am 9/26/12 10:30am

Ford "Nanny Key" For Teen Drivers Limits Vehicle Speed, Radio Volume

Ford has announced a new feature available on many 2010 models called "My Key," consisting of a programmable computer chip imbedded in the key that limits vehicle speed to 80 MPH. Designed for parents of teen drivers, the My Key system will also limit the stereo volume settings and sound a constant chime if seat belts… » 10/06/08 10:40am 10/06/08 10:40am

Ford Loses Less Money Than Otherwise Could Have!

Ford reported today that sales this October were only 9.5% lower than sales last October, which is actually not as bad as some thought it could have been. For the month Ford sold 195,462 vehicles, with a 0.9% increase in truck models (which include crossovers), but a 26% decrease in car sales. High on this list of… » 11/01/07 3:00pm 11/01/07 3:00pm

Bruce as Economic Motivator

According to BMW honcho Norbert Reithofer, the trick to succeeding in the global marketplace as a German-based company can be summed up in a deceptively simple sentence: "It's all about mastering complexity." Such, then, is the cost of delivering Bruce to the people and existing as a serious component of a newly… » 7/05/07 10:15pm 7/05/07 10:15pm