Marc Marquez Has Never Lost A MotoGP Race In America

There are approximately a billionty people throwing their names it the hat for president in ‘16, but a Spaniard who can’t even run beats them all on one important record: American wins, dude. Marquez has never lost a MotoGP race on American soil, which now includes three wins at Indianapolis Motor Speedway alone.
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Marquez On Pole For Indianapolis MotoGP Race, Sky Blue, Water Wet

In news that’s only just a tiny bit more surprising than IndyCar’s Road America announcement (read: not at all), Marc Marquez claimed yet another pole position at Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a time of 1:31.884. This is the third year in a row that Marquez has been on pole at IMS. »8/08/15 4:35pm8/08/15 4:35pm

[Cars line up at the starting line at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in its second year of existence: 1

[Cars line up at the starting line at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in its second year of existence: 1910. According to Getty Images, this was an early 100-mile race, run before a then-incredible distance of 500 miles was set. Photo credit: Paul Thompson/Stringer via Getty Images]
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Indianapolis Motor Speedway, IndyCar Speak Out On Religious Freedom Law

Indiana passed a law that allows businesses to refuse service based on religious convictions, prompting boycotts of the state's goods and other backlash. Problem is, Indianapolis is one of the motorsport capitals of the world. IndyCar and NASCAR both just said that they want no part of this new "freedom" to… »4/01/15 7:35pm4/01/15 7:35pm

This Ad For The Brickyard 400 Is The Greatest NASCAR Ad Of All Time

One of the great joys in life is getting to see evidence that someone has gone irretrievably, delightfully insane. Or, in this case, mensane, as in insane from over-saturation in insane men musk, which the Brickyard seems to be laden with. The mensanity evidence is all in this ad for Indianapolis Motor Speedway. »7/22/14 1:09pm7/22/14 1:09pm

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Was Saved From Destruction 67 Years Ago Today

November 14th, 1945, Tony Hulman, a businessman from Terre Haute, IN., purchased the famed but rundown Indianapolis Motor Speedway from Eddie Rickenbacker for $750,000. It was this purchase that brought the fabled Speedway back from the ashes of World War ll and turned it into the World's Greatest Race Course. »11/14/12 4:30pm11/14/12 4:30pm