The Most Intrepid Superhero Spaceships

On Earth, superheroes can soar through the air and swing through the urban jungle like Tarzan. But when costumed crime-fighters go into deep space, they often need a ship to zoom around in. Here's a round up of insane and awesome superhero space vehicles. » 9/02/13 12:40pm 9/02/13 12:40pm

Commenter of the Day: Sweet Lou Edition

We're not surprised, but there's been a certain amount of literary production emanating from the Jalopnik commenters over the past couple of days. Yesterday, the genre was memoir. Today, we enjoyed something closer to prose poetry. That is, prose poetry conjoined with comix and a certain big green radioactive… » 2/22/08 6:30pm 2/22/08 6:30pm