GM Offering Dealers $250 For Every Customer They Don't Send To GMAC

Automotive News »10/17/08 3:00pm10/17/08 3:00pm reports that GM is offering dealers up to $250 in bonus money for every loan they sell to a lender other than GMAC. This latest move follows Monday's report on , and "is an encouragement for dealerships to seek out other sources of funding," says Mike Mullaney of Hudson Pontiac-Buick-GMC in…

Dealer Dollars: Chrysler Gives Dealers Incentive, But Will They Give It To You?

The 'merican side of the German-American hybrid's already shown a penchant for descent down the slippery sales ladder of incentives without saying they're incentives. Hell, maybe they're just lying to themselves. Whether they're telling the truth or just truthiness, the Detroit News is reporting today the chieftains… »12/02/06 2:24pm12/02/06 2:24pm

Chrysler Tells Dealers To Eat Their Durangos — How Can They Have Any Calibers If They Don't Eat Their Trucks and SUV's?

As we heard yesterday in the Tom LaSorda press scrum-n'-tumble out in Auburn Hills, the German-American hybrid's running into some troubles with inventories of trucks and the Dodge Durango. But, as was told to us yesterday — at the same time, they're working to boost the small car / mid-size SUV side of the sales… »8/24/06 12:31pm8/24/06 12:31pm