This Is How Desperate GM Thinks Saab Owners Are To Not Own Saabs

Like a skeevy dude trying to pickup women at a wake, GM's decided to poach customers of the now dead Saab with a remarkably weak incentive offer. Oh, and did we mention the skeevy dude also helped murder the deceased? » 1/06/12 10:00am 1/06/12 10:00am

Smart To Offer U.S. Buyers Incentives For First Time

With low sales due partly to relatively lower fuel prices, Smart plans to offer U.S. ForTwo buyers incentives for the first time, starting with 4.2% financing for loans of up to 60 months. Next they'll try free fuzzy dice. [AutoNews] » 6/16/09 10:15am 6/16/09 10:15am

Toyota Offering Cash Incentive On Prius For First Time

December's sharp sales decline is pushing Toyota to offer cash incentives for the first time on the Prius hybrid. Toyota will also drop cash on top of the Corolla and Camry. » 1/19/09 11:30am 1/19/09 11:30am

GM Offering Dealers $250 For Every Customer They Don't Send To GMAC

Automotive News » 10/17/08 3:00pm 10/17/08 3:00pm reports that GM is offering dealers up to $250 in bonus money for every loan they sell to a lender other than GMAC. This latest move follows Monday's report on , and "is an encouragement for dealerships to seek out other sources of funding," says Mike Mullaney of Hudson Pontiac-Buick-GMC in…

Chrysler Gas Deal Not Wildly Effective

The big focus of Chrysler’s $2.99 gas deal for three years is current events; it doesn’t address the company’s current lineup of vehicles, which have mostly seen declining sales. We’ll post a series of stories today about cash back offers that have been added to the gas deal for all three Chrysler brands, but to… » 6/05/08 1:07pm 6/05/08 1:07pm

Chrysler's $2.99 Gas A Good Deal... For Chrysler

As with other auto media outlets, we've been closely following Chrysler's "Let's Refuel America" program, which is offering three years of $2.99 gas for anyone who buys a Dodge, Jeep or Chrysler vehicle (that isn't a Challenger, Viper, Wrangler, Sprinter Van or other popular vehicles). After a few back-of-the-envelope… » 5/07/08 7:30am 5/07/08 7:30am

Cadillac DTS

In a recent TV spot for Cadillac, a quartet of hipster goofballs in skinny ties pulls up to a diner in a DTS sedan. Once parked, they're confronted by a similar gang of craggy late-fiftysomethings in Jhane Barnes casualwear, apparently on break from a Cialis shoot. Noticing their young counterparts have arrived in the… » 9/05/07 1:32pm 9/05/07 1:32pm

When in Rome: Toyota Adds Incentives on Tundra

Upside-down on your Ford or GM truck loan? Toyota wants you in a new Tundra, and it's offering a very un-Toyotalike benefit: Money. The company's latest incentive deal adds a trade-in allowance of $1000 atop existing incentives totaling $2,000. The deals are causing widespread snickering to break out among US… » 3/30/07 8:42am 3/30/07 8:42am

Incentives Like To Live On The Edge Too

Automotive New is reporting FoMoCo's now offering $500 off on the base model of their new CUV to give it a bit more sales "oomph!" Pardon us for being a bit worried here, but wasn't the turnaround effort at the Dearborn, MI based automaker supposed to be "an Edge-based turnaround." Because you know, the Edge is the… » 2/15/07 7:31am 2/15/07 7:31am

Free Hemi!

Yes, according to the Detroit News, Chrysler says an incentive program slated for later this year will mean free Hemis for all. (No, it's not throwing in a 1970 Hemi 'Cuda in mint condition with every Town and Country, that would be a poor business decision). Starting this March, buyers of some Chrysler, Dodge or… » 1/04/07 7:14am 1/04/07 7:14am

Deal of the Day: Maserati Quattroporte

Want to save $15,000 on a Maserati Quattroporte? Just finance one of the $103,700 Italinate boulevardiers for 60 months at just — hang on to your fruit leather — just 1.9%. That's correct, the company is offering tremendous savings on the sedan, though inventory is tight, likely because, well just because. Of course,… » 12/19/06 2:38pm 12/19/06 2:38pm

Dealer Dollars: Chrysler Gives Dealers Incentive, But Will They Give It…

The 'merican side of the German-American hybrid's already shown a penchant for descent down the slippery sales ladder of incentives without saying they're incentives. Hell, maybe they're just lying to themselves. Whether they're telling the truth or just truthiness, the Detroit News is reporting today the chieftains… » 12/02/06 2:24pm 12/02/06 2:24pm

Breaking! GM To Offer 100,000 Mile / 5-Year Powertrain Warranty,…

According to GM's online public streaming feed site, GMTV, the General will be offering up a helping of image quality at 1:00 PM today: » 9/06/06 1:16pm 9/06/06 1:16pm

Chrysler Tells Dealers To Eat Their Durangos — How Can They Have Any…

As we heard yesterday in the Tom LaSorda press scrum-n'-tumble out in Auburn Hills, the German-American hybrid's running into some troubles with inventories of trucks and the Dodge Durango. But, as was told to us yesterday — at the same time, they're working to boost the small car / mid-size SUV side of the sales… » 8/24/06 12:31pm 8/24/06 12:31pm