Carcade Turns The World Outside Your Car Into A Video Game

Because the DVD players and in-car PS3s were starting to bore the kids, three students at the Berlin University of the Arts have created a video game that uses what's going on outside a car's window, incorporating it into the game. Behold CARCADE! Utilizing a webcam and a laptop, the program detects the landscape… »10/08/08 10:20am10/08/08 10:20am

Google Android, The Open Source OS That May Be Coming To Your Car

As skynet »9/24/08 5:20pm9/24/08 5:20pm continues its relentless march towards private sector total information awareness, the current big project at GOOG is something called Google Android, a portable device operating system set to change the way we compute on the go. In an article on , a spokesman for the Android OS hinted at the possibility of…

Car Visor Entertainment Center Does Everything Except Block The Sun

There's no reason to dismantle your vehicle or upholstery to install in-car entertainment systems, all you have to do is be creative, like with this car visor, which houses a 7-inch 16:9 widescreen LCD. Included is a DVD player and a video game console. The DVD player is capable of playing the whole lot of formats… »5/12/08 4:00pm5/12/08 4:00pm