We Deserve Awesome In-Car Commentary If Jeff Gordon Drives Dale Jr.'s Car

Did you miss Jeff Gordon’s farewell tour last year before he retired from driving in NASCAR? Well Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!, July 24, you may get your chance to see Fox Sports’ star commentator back the car. Either way, he better deliver the goods on his in-car commentary, given his new post-retirement gig.

How Hinchcliffe Recovered From Being A Human 'Shish Kabob' 

When people mention James Hinchcliffe’s life-threatening Indianapolis 500 practice accident one year ago, they often gloss over all of the gory details. Not Hinch himself, though. His recap of the accident—which he doesn’t remember, thanks to a concussion—and his recovery on The Players’ Tribune is a must-read.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Already Delivered An Insane Photo Finish

If there’s one good thing about Indianapolis Motor Speedway hosting one leg of the Triple Crown of Motorsport, it’s that the big oval it usually produces some good, close racing. That’s exactly what happened in Indy Lights this morning: a crazy photo finish where the winner was decided by only .0024 seconds.