Illegal Immigrants Attempt UK Border Crossing In Bentley GT

According to Reuters, a truck carrying a Bentley GT »10/29/08 6:00pm10/29/08 6:00pm back to Crewe from the Nurburgring was intercepted Tuesday attempting to enter the UK. Sensors at the border detected excess carbon dioxide being emitted from the cargo box, alerting British border agents who opened the truck and found four illegal Iraqi immigrants…


Phoenix Crash Proves Illegal Immigrants Taking Vital Clown Car Jobs

About two weeks ago, authorities arrested 21 occupants of a van which rolled over after striking another car following a high-speed chase through the streets of Phoenix, Arizona. Let's be clear here, that's 21 people, 19 of whom turned out to be illegal immigrants, in one van. The resulting video looks like a how-to… »10/27/08 4:20pm10/27/08 4:20pm