Your chance to own John Wayne's custom 1966 International Travelall

Laying eyes on any International Travelall in excellent condition is a rare treat on its own, but this is far from just any International Travelall. This particular 4x4 was built to late actor John Wayne's custom specifications for use on his ranch. If putting the Duke's Travelall in your garage seems like an… » 10/08/11 2:00pm 10/08/11 2:00pm

Why buy a car when you can buy an International Scout?

Not only was it small on the outside and roomy on the inside, the 1974 International Scout still had a lot of space for a lot of things. For this reason, it seemed only sensible to replace your compact car, luxury car, or station wagon with an International Scout as demonstrated in this piece of vintage advertising… » 7/16/11 9:00am 7/16/11 9:00am

1980 International Harvester Scout II

You know what the problem is with this country? You can no longer buy road vehicles made by a manufacturer of farm equipment, that's what's wrong! Maybe it's time for Ford to bring back the Fordson tractor, though that wouldn't be the same. I was reminded of the sad lack of vehicles with combine harvesters in their… » 12/03/07 9:00am 12/03/07 9:00am

International Scout - Makes CXT Question its Maniliness

Growing up as I did in hillbillyville, the normal set of dream vehicles didn't necessarily apply to my tooth-challenged compadres. They lusted after a totally different set of conveyances than the Countaches and F40's of the day. Among them was the International Harvester Scout. This brutish two door is held in high… » 2/23/07 10:30am 2/23/07 10:30am