If There's Snow On The Ground, You Need To Hoon A Snowmobile

There's a saying, coined by Daniel Tosh, that goes roughly thus: Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a jetski, and you don't see sad people on jetskis. Well, my friends, I'm here to tell you that the same holds true for snowmobiles. They are awesome. » 1/09/13 4:00pm 1/09/13 4:00pm

Violent Idaho Hoons Issue Beat-Down After Truck Donuts Criticized

Stories like this one make us wish we could write like Kevin Hoover of the Arcata Eye (Warning: Do not click on that link if you need to get anything done during the next several hours!). Basically, what we got here is a pair of Idaho brothers straight out of Northwest Hoon Central Casting, right down to the red… » 1/28/08 7:45am 1/28/08 7:45am

Idaho to Champion Retractable Stud Snow Tires

In a move that restores our faith in the ability of technology to help instead of hurt us, the State of Idaho is considering allowing the use of studded snow tires year round. Idaho Senator Jim Hammond is sponsoring legislation that would legalize retractable stud snow tires regardless of season. These marvels of tire… » 3/28/07 3:00pm 3/28/07 3:00pm

Is the Severed-Head Crash the New Brokeback Enzo?

Yesterday we reported on the wreck up in Idaho that resulted in the discovery of a severed head at the crash scene that didn't belong to anyone involved in the accident. It belonged to the driver of the Dodge Ram's wife. After Alofa Time killed two and injured a third (but was unhurt himself) police searched his home,… » 6/16/06 3:00pm 6/16/06 3:00pm