Iconic AC Roadster Chassis Is Seriously Sexy

This is the carbon fiber passenger tub bonded to the tubular Chromalloy backbone chassis that underpins the Iconic AC Roadster. Also visible? The huge carbon and steel reinforcements that keep the 800 HP V8 engine from twisting this in half. » 3/19/10 1:30pm 3/19/10 1:30pm

The Iconic GTR Roadster: All About The Details

At a glance, the Iconic GTR looks like just another Cobra replica. But taking a closer look you realize it's the bespoke details that make it special. Shiny toggle switches, plush leather, jewel-like gauges, a roll-bar that conceals LED turn signals with a full spectrum of color adjustment; it all makes the GTR feel… » 3/24/08 9:30am 3/24/08 9:30am

Iconic GTR Roadster: Would You Pay $600K For A Cobra Replicar?

Iconic Motors announced what they call "a truly groundbreaking automobile," which is pretty amazing given that it looks a lot like a certain other car that's already been recreated a few times. What does $600K get you? A lot of carbon fiber, a 420-cubic-inch V8 good for 800 horsepower, heated-and-cooled seats and a… » 3/13/08 3:15pm 3/13/08 3:15pm