Icelandic Hoons Protest Falling Krona, Rising Gas Prices

Iceland's the one country with a currency rate falling further than the dollar and according to the front-pager today in the Wall Street Murdoch Journal it's having a serious impact on our hoonage-loving brethren from the land of the ice and snow. As those of us here have known ever since we saw Richard Hammond try to… » 5/02/08 9:40am 5/02/08 9:40am

GMC Suburban with 49 Inch Tires Will Stop At Nothing

Most guys into off roading will equip their rig with anything from a set of 33" tires for light duty rock crawling to 44" tires for deep mud bogging. Of course everyone has their preferences and guys usually make tire size decisions based on ego as much as utility. Kristjan Kristjansson of Iceland either has a big… » 2/11/08 8:45am 2/11/08 8:45am