Volcanic Ash Can Choke A Jet Engine

An Icelandic volcano is in the news again. In 2010, it was Eyjafjallajökull, which caused the cancelation of over 100,000 flights and cost airlines $1.7 billion. This time, it's Bardarbunga. An eruption of Bardarbunga could potentially disrupt flights once again, as well as melt the glaciers under which it resides. » 8/21/14 6:19pm Thursday 6:19pm

Icelandic Hoons Protest Falling Krona, Rising Gas Prices

Iceland's the one country with a currency rate falling further than the dollar and according to the front-pager today in the Wall Street Murdoch Journal it's having a serious impact on our hoonage-loving brethren from the land of the ice and snow. As those of us here have known ever since we saw Richard Hammond try to… » 5/02/08 9:40am 5/02/08 9:40am