Using A Porsche 911 Shift Knob To Hold Ice Cream Is A Baller Move

Someone at Tuthill Porsche is a hero. François Delecour drove the team’s Porsche 911 R-GT well enough in shakedown for WRC Rallye Deutschland that he got an ice cream cone. Turns out, that cone can also fit in the shift knob. Drivers love ice cream: fact. This is pure genius. » 8/20/15 10:00pm 8/20/15 10:00pm

NYPD Denies This Bootleg Mister Softee Truck Is Surveillance Vehicle

Does the NYPD have an undercover ice cream truck to go with its secret spy taxi cab? The Mister Softee-lookalike above was spotted double-parked in front of the department's 114th precinct in Astoria, Queens, with an NYPD baseball cap on its dashboard and all of its Softee branding conspicuously removed. » 1/23/15 3:49pm 1/23/15 3:49pm

Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda Says "There's Nothing To See Here, Folks — Move Along"

Chrysler Group CEO Tom "Lose Weight By Cutting The Fat" LaSorda is urging employees to remain calm and ignore all the hubbub out there about the German-American hybrid looking to sell off the not-so-equal side of the "merger of equals." Somehow we're going to bet it'll take more than an e-mail from the boss to lift… » 2/22/07 11:36am 2/22/07 11:36am

Hey, GM — There's Free Ice Cream Downstairs!

If you're one of the thousands of zombies pecking away at your keyboards today at the RenCen, or you happen to be in downtown Detroit — just in case you hadn't heard yet — there will be a rally downstairs at noon to celebrate the start of tomorrow's Detroit Tigers World Series run. And yes, like all events hosted by… » 10/20/06 12:25pm 10/20/06 12:25pm