This one hit the Mark - Iacocca's Most Profitable Product

Walking around Old Town Alexandria just outside Washington DC, I happened upon this beautiful 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III. I remember the old Mark series of Lincoln automobiles when I was a kid, they were swank. Seriously swank. Big, bold, bedecked with fake wood and vinyl, but definitely a status symbol for… »7/21/13 4:08pm7/21/13 4:08pm


Iacocca Arrives At Chrysler As Bankruptcy Rumors Swirl; Time Travel Perfected

Former chairman Lee Iacocca gave a closed pep rally to Chrysler employees yesterday in Auburn Hills, once again sharing the stage with a K-car, a minivan...and rumors of Chrysler's imminent bankruptcy. While current CEO Bob Nardelli was praising Iacocca as "Chrysler's most dynamic leader" and "a great American,"… »6/27/08 10:30am6/27/08 10:30am

'87 Plymouth Sundance: 47 Standard Features To Convince Ya!

The pride is back! Just ask Lee Iacocca! Featuring Lite-Brite-style graphics and Reagan-era patriotic fervor, this ad captures both the optimism of Chrysler's rebirth and the gloom of the still-fresh-in-memory Malaise Era that nearly doomed the company. The Sundance, sibling to the Dodge Shadow and based on the… »7/10/07 11:11am7/10/07 11:11am

If You Can Find a Better Commercial, Watch It: Iacocca and Dogg, et al

Despite looking like the Brooklyn newsie who used to sell our uncle Angelo the Racing Form, Lee Iacocca recently shot a golf-themed commercial co-starring rapper and 300C aficionado, Snoop Dogg. D-O Dubbagee, looking resplendent in pastel argyles was paired with the former Chrysler CEO for the fourth and final of… »8/05/05 9:57am8/05/05 9:57am