The BMW i3 Is Officially Much Greener Than Almost Every Other Car

When I say officially, I mean it. The BMW i3 got ISO certificates 14040/14044 from Germany's respected TÜV inspectors on the car's carbon footprint and product life cycle, and it's very good news for polar bears. » 11/12/13 2:20pm 11/12/13 2:20pm

Poor Little BMW i3 Gives Up, Is Abandoned In NY Suburbs

The 2014 BMW i3 is still in prototype form, and, perhaps moreso than many prototypes, much of its technology is unproven. That being said, who knows what led to the BMW engineer testing this one to just up and abandon it when it gave out, just sitting halfway through the side of a highway off-ramp. » 9/07/13 3:07pm 9/07/13 3:07pm

BMW i launches, will build Tron-like i8 turbodiesel hybrid

BMW's new sustainable sub-brand will be called "BMW i" and launch with the BMW i8/Vision EfficientDynamics, the smaller Megacity-based i3, and $100 million in venture capital for sustainable mobility projects. What, no iSetta? » 2/21/11 10:15am 2/21/11 10:15am