Tokyo Motor Show: Toyota i-Real Can't Hide From us Behind a Fortress of Plastic Solitude

The Toyota i-Real concept chair proved an elusive target to photograph at the Toyota press conference yesterday here in Tokyo. In front of the chair and the stage stood throngs of Japanese press eagerly awaiting the emergence of Toyota chairman, Katsuaki "Ken" Watanabe, denying the shot to all but the highest-powered… »10/25/07 9:00am10/25/07 9:00am

Ecooter To Revolutionize Transportation, Does Not Look Like Ben Jones

Despite the fact that it hardly resembles its namesake, noted actor and former congressional candidate Ben Jones, the Ecooter brings together some old technology in a surprising new way. By mounting its four wheels in a diamond pattern, rather than the traditional square, it's able to lean through high speed corners… »10/17/07 4:00pm10/17/07 4:00pm

Tokyo Auto Show Preview: Toyota i-REAL Concept Car...Chair...Thing

Toyota's Tokyo Auto Show concept madness continues today with the i-Real "personal mobility vehicle" — it's a continuation of Toyota's whole personal mobility development that started with the PM, then following up with the i-unit and following through on the i-swing. The i-Real has three wheels and a short wheelbase… »10/11/07 9:45am10/11/07 9:45am