Hyundai i-Blue Fuel Cell Car To Have North American Debut At Chicago Auto Show

We have confirmation from Hyundai that they'll be premiering the Hyundai i-Blue fuel cell concept at the Chicago Auto Show. This is the North American debut as the company already showed this particular concept in Frankfurt last year. What's interesting is that the company has promised to have a production ready… »2/05/08 7:00am2/05/08 7:00am


i-Blue It: Hyundai's First Production Fuel-Cell Car Coming in 2012

Its name could be one of Tobias Fünke's malaprops on Arrested Development, but Hyundai's i-Blue concept may be a reality as early as next decade. Hyundai bosses say the company's first fuel-cell car is on target for 2012, and will use technology demonstrated in the i-Blue at this year's Frankfurt show. The production… »10/12/07 5:09pm10/12/07 5:09pm

Hyundai's Hydrogen Powered i-Blue Concept Revealed Before Frankfurt Auto Show

Our friends from down under at Motor Authority have the scoop on what looks to be a concept car Hyundai's planning on officially revealing at the Frankfurt Auto Show in a couple of weeks. It's called the i-Blue and it's apparently a hydrogen powered concept crossover that's supposedly also using Hyundai's new… »8/31/07 12:45pm8/31/07 12:45pm