Alameda To Los Angeles (and Partway Back) In 90 Seconds!

Once you start putting timelapse still cameras on cars, it's hard to stop! That's why I rigged up the CHDK-equipped BumperCam II on the dash of the ol' Civic when I headed down to SoCal on Friday night. » 11/01/09 6:30pm 11/01/09 6:30pm

Murilee's Interstate 5 Road Trip Photos Of The Late 1980s

I've finally dragged out the ol' SCSI slide scanner (purchased back when my main computer was a Centris 650, so we're talking prehistoric hardware here) and digitized more of my old I-5 photos. » 5/16/09 5:00pm 5/16/09 5:00pm

Drive Oakland To The Grapevine, 1988 Style

Back in 1988, I hopped in my MGB-GT and headed south from Oakland, taking a photograph out the windshield every five miles until I got to the Grapevine, just north of Los Angeles. Yes, I worked a full-manual SLR while driving a twitchy sports car, and reloaded film while driving as well (thus losing the right to… » 11/12/07 1:45pm 11/12/07 1:45pm

Somewhere Between Santa Nella and Avenal

From the same early-90s road trip that produced Somewhere Between Buttonwillow and Twisselmann Road, here's a quasi-self-portrait shot from the dash of a '65 Impala. » 8/29/07 4:45pm 8/29/07 4:45pm

Somewhere Between Pumpkin Center and Lost Hills

Backing away in photography-geek horror from the blurry-ass Instamatic 126 stuff and returning to good ol' 35mm Tri-X black-and-white shots of the Los Angeles-San Francisco artery that is Interstate 5, we find ourselves in a dusty patch of Kern County in the Impala, circa 1991. Note the multiple shades of primer on… » 8/23/07 10:00am 8/23/07 10:00am

Somewhere Between North Flynn Road and Westley

In addition to shooting 35mm black-and-white shots of my endlessly-repeated I-5 drives back in the late 80s, I did a lot of highway photography using thrift-store 126 and 110 cameras. I won't make y'all deal with the headache-inducing 110 stuff (or the even more maddening pinhole-camera shots), but here's a 126… » 8/21/07 2:30pm 8/21/07 2:30pm

Somewhere Between Buttonwillow and Twisselmann Road

Well, now that I've broken out the pain-in-ass SCSI slide scanner for the Buddha-Equipped Olds I-5 photo (and in honor of Srs. Bumbeck y Johnson heading back to Pedro after their Pebble Beach triumphs), I might as well dig into my vast collection of Interstate 5 photos for another shot. This one was shot from a '65… » 8/20/07 11:30am 8/20/07 11:30am