The Hyundai i30 Wagon: Germany Builds A Hyundai

We are already familiar with the new five-door hatchback Hyundai is bringing to the States in the form of the 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT. Now Hyundai's German design center has unveiled the wagon version. Can you tell the difference? » 2/23/12 12:30pm 2/23/12 12:30pm

2013 Hyundai Elantra Touring: This Is It

Small-hatch fans take note: An anonymous tipster has forwarded photos of Hyundai's upcoming Elantra hatchback to Jalopnik. The compact five-door was caught in the open wearing Michigan manufacturer's plates and not one bit of preproduction camouflage. » 1/27/12 3:00pm 1/27/12 3:00pm

Watch Volkswagen's CEO complain about Hyundai's superior interior

The world got treated to some old-school car business back at the Frankfurt show when VW CEO Martin Winterkorn inspected the competition at the Hyundai stand. He was not pleased. » 9/28/11 4:00pm 9/28/11 4:00pm

Burning Tanker Truck Sends Flames 100 Feet Into Air

This amazing video shows a tanker truck that was struck by another car and hit a concrete dividing wall in Dallas this morning. The wreck shut down I-30 during rush hour and sent flames shooting into the air. » 1/07/11 5:15pm 1/07/11 5:15pm

2010 Kia Spectra Caught Testing?

The very strange-looking Vince over at The Hollywood Extra has managed to get his hands on a couple of photos of what looks to be a new Kia or Hyundai vehicle testing. The smart money says this is either the new Kia Spectra or the Hyundai i30 sedan, which shares components with the C'eed. If this is the new 2010 Kia… » 1/28/08 10:00am 1/28/08 10:00am

Aussies Declare Hyundai i30 the Greenest Green Greenie in All the Land

It seems that in the Land Down Under the Trev has quite a bit of work ahead of itself. The Hyundai i30 was recently crowned the greenest mobile in all the land, in addition to the overall 2007 Car of the Year in Oz by carsguide. Wait a second! The greenest car in Australia isn't a hybrid? » 1/23/08 4:45pm 1/23/08 4:45pm

2008 Hyundai i30

Despite the fact the US won't be getting the 2008 Hyundai i30 and that it's already been revealed, it still appears the Korean automaker's spending some time getting some testing miles in on these shores with their newest little family hatch. The i30 shares some mechanical components with the Kia cee'd — but as you can » 9/05/07 2:15pm 9/05/07 2:15pm

Geneva Pre-Show: Hyundai Arnejs i30 Compact Hatch Makes An Early…

Hyundai's been planning an exclusive press presentation of the European developed i30 compact hatch at the Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva one day before the Geneva Show media days begin. Well now the swanky soiree may be a little less swank, as a number of fan sites around the net seem to have prematurely shot their… » 2/21/07 7:26pm 2/21/07 7:26pm