Forty-vehicle pileup kills two, closes I-10 near New Orleans

A massive crash has stopped traffic in both directions on Interstate 10 northeast of downtown New Orleans. Two fatalities have been reported; 22 victims are being treated at area hospitals and 37 others were apparently injured but did not require care. » 12/29/11 1:30pm 12/29/11 1:30pm

Hyundai i10 Under Consideration For US Market

Automotive News » 8/19/08 6:00pm 8/19/08 6:00pm is reporting that Hyundai is watching the US launch very carefully to see if an adaption of its Indian-built Hyundai i10 would be right for these shores. In its current form, the i10 is little more than an 1,800-pound coffin, but if it were to see US introduction it would get about 400 pounds of extra…

You Gotta Keep That Diesel Truckin'...At 70 in Texas

While the new 80mph speed limit went into effect in Tejas last week in time for Memorial Day travel, the big rig boys are being held to 70mph on the Lone Star State's rural Eisenhower roads. Stop, children, what's that noise? It's the sound of black Trans Am sales spiking from Fort Stockton to Ozona. » 6/01/06 2:30pm 6/01/06 2:30pm

Texas to Raise I-10 Speed Limit?

Interesting things about I-10 in West Texas: Exit 420 is Baker Road. The Super 8 in Ozona — a town in which we were vaguely threatened by inbred, meth-addled freaks while driving the So-Cal Speed Shop's Plymouth Prowler to Houston — has the nicest Super 8 Motel the world may ever see. And well, that's about it.… » 5/17/06 7:00pm 5/17/06 7:00pm