Rhys Millen Sets Pikes Peak Record With 9:46 Climb

That Rhys Millen screamed past the 14,000 foot mark to the top of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in less than 10 minutes is a major milestone for the nearly century-old race. But although he was driving a 700-hp Hyundai Genesis racecar, let's not forget that this is also the first year racers are driving on a… »8/13/12 9:30am8/13/12 9:30am

This Is The Solution To All Unintended Acceleration Issues

Acceleration is like fire: a good servant and a cruel master. Acceleration when you want it is one of the true joys of motoring. Acceleration when you don't is a nightmare. Alarmingly, it's a recurring nightmare, with the most recent incidents occurring just last month, and the largest recall in automotive history,… »6/12/12 12:00pm6/12/12 12:00pm

How Louis Vuitton's Hyundai Lawsuit Threatens Free Speech

Remember Hyundai's Super Bowl ad featuring a guy playing with a Louis Vuitton-monogramed basketball? The fashion house didn't like it, taking the Korean automaker to court and winning in a verdict that looks to have far-reaching effects on free speech, as Andy Sellars from Harvard's Citizen Media Law Project explains… »4/16/12 10:30am4/16/12 10:30am

Jalopnik Reader Trolls Hyundai Dealership Upcharging Customers For Thousands

Not content to allow College Park Hyundai — of College Park, Maryland — to slink back into the cave from whence it came up with the idea for exorbitantly-priced $1,495 door guards ($8 each in store price), commenter Snabb-SAAB decided to take the fight against stealerships directly to the source with some expert… »4/02/12 3:45pm4/02/12 3:45pm